Ford Figo

Whether you value style, performance, reliability or adaptability, the all-new Ford Figo has it all and so

much more. Get behind the wheel and you’ll notice straight away why the Figo should be your first


Sophisticated fun

The Figo comes with a fresh update to its exterior which combines sophistication with adventure to give

you a car that is perfectly suited for any modern motorist. The compact size and aerodynamic design

mean that tight parking spaces will be a breeze to navigate and that urban driving is more fuel efficient.

Responsive engineering

The adaptable capabilities of the Figo are thanks to Ford’s engineering below the bonnet. Impressive

responsiveness and responsible economy are all part of what makes the Figo tick. Whether you’re in the

market for a diesel or petrol car, can’t decide on a sedan or hatchback or want to try out an automatic

option, the selection of Figo models means that you can find your perfect car.

Premium technology

Experience complete control over your car, even when you’re not in it, with Ford’s MyKey® technology.

The MyKey® system allows you to manage the Figo’s performance capabilities and create custom

settings for all of its features. Music volume, speed and acceleration can all be set to certain parameters,

giving you security and peace of mind.

Test drive the all-new Ford Figo and discover the Ford difference.

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